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The Wellspring Group exists to support and encourage mental health professionals as they lean into their strengths, serve their clients, and maintain a healthy lifestyle.


Happy therapist, happy client. That's what we believe. As mental health professionals, we understand that if we are to be there for our clients, we need to care for ourselves. Finding a community of like-minded peers is essential to this endeavor. 


The Wellspring Group exists to encourage and support clinicians who value learning, personal development, spirituality, and work-life balance. We have a consultation group that meets monthly for community, learning, and development. We have office space available for as little as 3 hours per month. So whether you are looking to grow your practice slowly over time or looking to build a thriving private practice, we can help you get there. Our members are all independently operating clinicians, set up as separate business entities.  Many of us integrate a faith perspective into our practice. If you are a highly motivated, curious, compassionate counselor, then this is the group for you.

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