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I am a BBHT approved supervisor for LPCs and LPCCs.



I offer a monthly supervision group, one Saturday per month, from 9am-1pm at my office in New Brighton, MN. The cost for this group is $120. According to the BBHT 50% of your supervision hours may be attained through group supervision. While I am open to people popping into this group for a couple months, most people attend the group for several months in a row. If you enjoy learning, being challenged, and doing it all with really nonjudgemental peers, this may be a great group for you!


I have a supervisee intake form that all supervisees must complete prior to beginning supervision. I also have a supervision disclosure statement that I can send you, with detailed information about supervision with me.

Please contact me for more info:

Phone // 651.895.3624

Email //


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