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My approach to counseling is “Bio-Psycho-Social-Spiritual” which means that your biology, mind, emotions, relationships, and faith or spirituality all impact your mental health. Throughout the counseling process, it may be in your best interest to also be consulting and working with other professionals, such as physicians, psychiatrists, nutritionists, or other health professionals.  I view mental health problems from a holistic approach, which enables me to get a more thorough understanding of the cause of your problem and how to best move toward healing.


My philosophy of counseling stems from a Christian worldview. This means that I believe all people are created by and in the image of God and that human beings also have a deep need to connect with others and with God. We are relational by design. We desire intimacy with our family and family. Many times, our deepest struggles in life exist because of dissatisfaction with the quality of our relationships.


Regardless of your beliefs, it is often necessary to explore the background and development of your worldview as this greatly influences your personal belief system and may help explain frustrations with experiences in life. Please know that I respect each person’s own faith journey. I meet my clients where they are, and I do not expect others to believe what I believe, or practice faith as I practice it.


I believe that unhealthy psychological functioning often stems from fear of abandonment or rejection, fear of not being loved, or fear of failure or disapproval. Anxiety is often accompanying that fear. It is necessary to work through anxiety and fear to a place of truth and contentment.


It is also true that in this life you will have conflict and difficulty. One cannot escape that fact. How we view and process these conflicts and upsetting experiences determines the level of difficulty experienced. Our thoughts and beliefs matter in these situations because a person’s thoughts and beliefs largely create his/her identity, and if those thoughts are false, then it creates an identity that is not rooted in truth.

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