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Looking to build or grow your private practice?  

Are you having difficulty managing the recent growth you've experienced?  

Do you feel a bit lost in the field of business development and management?

Do you have a vision or a dream but you aren't sure how to execute it?


Meeting with a consultant can help.  


These meetings are tailored toward the needs of the company.  You may receive detailed steps on how to start a private practice, guidance on how to get more clients, or tips regarding business infrastructure and management. 


Are you ready for consulting?

I take 20-30 minutes to chat with each perspective client over the phone. This is a time for us to gauge if we might be a good fit.


All of my clients have homework.  You may have to write a short business plan or spend time detailing your goals, but you will definitely do work outside of our time together. Of course I will give you as much guidance on these take-home activities as you need.


I encourage all of my clients to DREAM BIG!  My past clients have found that by casting a big vision for their practice, they regain the passion and excitement that got them here in the first place. There are so many options in the private practice world - don't limit yourself. Make your business work for you.


My motto here is "Happy therapist, happy client".  When you are living in your sweet spot and loving what you do, your clients will reap the benefits.



For $400 per 90 minute meeting, we will develop clear action steps toward your goals. My preference is that we meet 2-4 times over a period of 3-12 months to monitor progress. Many clients find they need to meet only twice to fulfill their goals.

Phone // 651.895.3624

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